Transforming Newspaper and Online Advertising

When InsideSources launched in 2014, we set out to develop an innovative news and opinion distribution network. We produce quality, forward-looking journalism that is now welcomed to the pages of a growing network of the nation’s leading news outlets and reaches nearly 25 million readers a month.

In today’s media environment, it’s essential for advertisers to reach readers with engaging content that drives their message through national and local targeted advertising. We’ve also learned that our newspaper partners are often looking to connect with national advertisers who may want to place engaging advertorial content—also known as sponsored content—within their pages. InsideSources has now launched [IS]Advertorials to help serve this growing demand.

[IS]Advertorials offers clients: Sponsored News Articles, Sponsored Polling, and Sponsored Social Media. Our team has extensive experience in politics, analytics, and digital media. We work with clients to design campaigns that will reach influencers—whether targeted nationally through InsideSources’ growing readership or locally through our newspaper partners.